Senior Scholar Slam

December 11, 18:00 – 19:00, Auditorium 10

All welcome!

More than 40 AIS Senior Scholars on stage within less than one hour!  Come and see… it is fun, free, and for all!

You’ll never get to meet oh well, “see” so many AIS Senior Scholars from all over the world lining up as if it was their graduation ceremony in less than one hour just before the ICIS 2022 opening reception!

If you have heard about many AIS Senior Scholars, have read their works, know some of their service roles, but do not know, who they are or how they look, the AIS Senior Scholar Slam is for you!  It offers a platform where you can “see” them and find out who is who and listen to what they share within one minute elevator pitch for academics!

You get to know their face, remember what they wear on the day, or recall what they contribute during “their minute” all great openers for catching them during the opening reception or during the conference.

Advice: Be on time, otherwise your favorite senior scholar will be done before you arrive. There will be no repetition, no recording, and no references or taking notes just “live” fun!

Needless to say: in case of limited seats first come, first served…