Mid-Career Workshop


Join this workshop on Sunday December 11, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Pre-registration is required and can be added to your current ICIS registration.


Jungpil Hahn

National University of Singapore

Allen C. Johnston

University of Alabama


As academics move beyond the pressures of earning tenure, they often find themselves at an important point of reflection. By this time, they will likely have published some significant and impactful research, meeting or at least progressing well toward the goals and aspirations that motivated them as they started out in the profession. But, like all things, people change, as do their interests and circumstances. For some, they may still delight in the pursuit of new knowledge and the dissemination of their research. For others, they may have found enjoyment in serving others through leadership and administrative duties. While for others still, the pedagogy may be their true calling.

Regardless of their chosen path forward, however, learning to balance work and life and cultivating a network of support can be keys to long-term success. In this workshop, we not only leverage the insights and experiences of a panel of academics, all of whom have successfully navigated the mid-career journey, but also hope to share and brainstorm ideas among participants to co-create effective mid-career strategies.


The Mid-Career Workshop is an opportunity for IS scholars to reflect on their existing work and strategically plan for the next phase of their careers. Generally, every researcher that is in the mid-career stage is welcome to participate in this workshop. This workshop is appropriate for any faculty member that has received tenure and is considering with a longer view the shape of the professional contribution(s) they want to make. Individuals at all stages of tenured professorship may find this workshop useful, from newly tenured faculty members to those that have settled into their role as a tenured professor. Researchers who are more advanced in their career but considering a shift in their work are welcome to apply as well. Those that have attended other mid-career workshops are welcome to participate, share, and learn from other colleagues.  The objective of the workshop is not only to learn about effective mid-career strategies but also to foster new support networks of peers that will help to continually offer peer advice and support even after the ICIS Mid-Career Workshop.


The Mid-Career Faculty Workshop at ICIS 2022 will be an interactive event. We will discuss the work-life balance challenges faced by mid-career researchers across countries and contexts and discuss strategies for balance and the development and cultivation of networks that can help in facing the challenges.

The workshop will feature panels and break-out groups to create, reflect on, and promote individual career plans. Workshop-wide discussions with mentors will help to learn from each other about possible work-life balance techniques and network cultivation skills to help overcome the stress that often accompanies academics at this mid-career reflection point.

Panels and follow-up round tables with panelists as mentors will help participants find effective ways to self-organize and manage the competing demands of research, teaching, and service. Workshop participants will share experiences among themselves, develop and collect feedback on their own research agendas and plans for a satisfying and successful mid-career.


Alan Dennis

Indiana University

Xin (Robert) Luo

University of New Mexico

Rob Crossler

Washington State University

Louise Harder Fischer

IT University of Copenhagen